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Books by Ruskin Bond

15 Books by Ruskin Bond which You Need to Read! A Must Read Indian Author

A prolific Anglo-Indian writer in English, Ruskin Bond has written novels, short-stories, non-fictional pieces and essays for children. He is regarded as one of the best children’s author in India. Ruskin Bond has received numerous awards and honours for his literary contributions. His writings have been adapted into many movies and TV serials. His books are famous for heart-warming characters and picturesque descriptions of nature and the beautiful Indian countryside. Crisp and splendid stories filled with optimism and the good side of the world is a characteristic of Ruskin Bond books. Though Bond is famous for children’s literature, he has written numerous works inclusive of other genres as well- ranging from horror to romance to poetry.

Books by Ruskin Bond

With this article, we mean to convey to our readers a list of 15 of the best Ruskin Bond Books out of the more than 500 works composed by him.

1. The Blue Umbrella (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

In exchange for her lucky leopard’s claw pendant, Binya acquires a gorgeous blue umbrella which makes her the envy of everyone in her village, especially Ram Bharosa, the shopkeeper. Set in the beautiful hills of Garhwal, the book perfectly captures life in a village.

2.The Hidden Pool (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Laurie, an English boy in a small hill town in India, strikes up an unlikely friendship with Anil and Kamal. One day, the three discover a secret pool near the mountain side. There, they plan their latest escapade yet- a trek to the Pindari Glacier, where no one from their place has gone before.

3. The Cherry Tree (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Rakesh plants a cherry seedling in his garden and watches it grow. As monsoon comes, the little tree survives many adversities like the heavy storm, goats that eat its leaves and many others. This book teaches us a valuable lesson on persistence and will power.

4. The Wind on Haunted Hill (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

On a stormy evening, in search of shelter, Usha rushes into the ruins on Haunted Hill, grim and creepy. Inside the tin roof groans, strange shadows are thrown against the wall and little Usha shivers with fear because she isn’t alone. This book is a typical Bond-style horror with chilling descriptions along with subtle humour.

5. When the Tiger was King (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

This book is an anthology of short stories. When the Tiger was King recalls the time when tigers roamed the Indian sub-continent without fear of either man or beast. Ruskin Bond brings together some of the most engaging stories ever written about tigers, an apt and beautiful tribute to the majesty and splendour of India’s divine kings.

6.  The Tree Lover (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Narrated by Rusty, one of the most common characters in Ruskin Bond books, The Tree Lover is a story of Rusty’s grandfather’s relationship with the trees around him. He is convinced that the trees love him back with as much tenderness as he loves them. With mesmerizing descriptions of nature, this book is Ruskin Bond at his finest.

7. White Mice (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin is keen to teach his scatter-brained uncle a lesson. After all, he put him in the wrong train! Armed with gifts from his new friend, the station-master, and a pair of beautiful white mice, Ruskin devises the perfect payback. The book is peppered with endearing characters and brought to life with delightful artwork. This book is a splendid treat for the adventure-loving young ones.

8. The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories is a collection of 30 beautiful short-stories from Ruskin Bond. The collection of simple, heart-warming and insightful stories will take you to the heavenly grounds of Dehradun and Mussoorie. ‘The Night Train at Deoli’ is the story of a boy who sees a girl on the platform of Deoli station. He gets an urge to meet her but he is unsure of whether he will find her again.

9. Rusty, The Boy from the Hills (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

This book narrates the stories of Rusty, a quiet, imaginative and sensitive boy who lives in his grandparents’ house in pre-Independence Dehradun. Though he is not the adventurous sort himself, the strangest and most extraordinary things keep happening around him, and so the stories he has to tell are simply fascinating. This book follows the most exciting years in Rusty’s life – early childhood to early teens. Ruskin Bond created Rusty to spin stories about his own past.

10. Rain in the Mountains: Notes from the Himalayas (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Rain in the Mountains is a collection of stories, snippets, essays and poems penned by Ruskin Bond after having lived in many small towns across the Himalayas. When it describes the beauty of Himalayan wilderness, this book will strike a chord even with those who are very unfamiliar with nature’s beauty. Vivid descriptions of clear blue skies, chirping skylarks and sparkling streams make this book an excellent companion for contemplation and quiet reading.

11. A Face in the Dark (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond once famously said that while he does not believe in ghosts, he sees them all the time- in the woods, in a bar, in a crowd outside a cinema. A Face in the Dark is a collection of supernatural tales narrated in a very natural manner. The stories have eerie settings such as a spooky pine forest, an abandoned cemetery and a haunted house.

12. Maharani (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Maharani is the story of Neena, the spoilt, selfish, beautiful and ageing widow of the Maharaja of Mastipur. She has inherited a considerable amount of wealth from her deceased husband, and the narrative focuses on her lavish life in the 60s and 70s. She lives in an enormous old house in Mussoorie with her dogs and her caretaker. She is also a classmate of Ruskin Bond, who disapproves of her antics – taking lovers and discarding them, drinking too much. It is a delightful novella about love, death and friendship.

13. Susanna’s Seven Husbands (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

This is the story of Susanna who has a weakness for falling in love with the wrong men. Over the years, Susanna becomes notorious as the merry widow who moves from one marriage to another leaving behind a trail of dead husbands. This book includes the original short story, the novella that it was expanded into, and the screenplay of 7 Khoon Maaf, the Bollywood movie that was based on the novella.

14. A Little Book of Serenity (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

This gorgeous pocketbook collects some of Ruskin Bond's wisest observations-as well as those of the thinkers he most admires-on a life of calm and how to live it. 'A Little Book of Serenity' is perfect to dip into in moments of disquiet and of peace. There are other books similar to this such as A Little Book of Beauty, A Little Book of Love and Companionhip, A Little Book of Happiness- aren’t the titles itself tempting enough?

15. Love Among the Bookshelves (Claim the book)
Books by Ruskin Bond

Love Among the Bookshelves is a glimpse into Ruskin Bond’s life through the books he has loved and an introduction to some forgotten classics. A book about books and reading, Bond begins with the first book he discovered among the bookshelf, P.G. Wodehouse’s Love among the Chickens, and moves on to reminisce his school days in Shimla, where he discovered Shakespeare, Emily Bronte and H.E. Bates.

Which book do you paln to start with?

- Hibathu Naseer

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Akhil Vincent - November 21, 2020

The most important is ‘The Room on the Roof’. His first novel and his best. I’ll definitely recommend this novel as a must read.

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