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5 Books Every Startup Founder Should Definitely Read

5 Books Every Startup Founder Should Definitely Read

So, finally you have decided to take charge of your destiny and go on your own way. Now you don’t want to be a part of rat race anymore and want to be your own master. Great! However, it is always useful to get some wise advice before embarking on a journey to uncharted territories.

Below are our top five picks of books we would recommend every startup founder to read to get a better understanding of the way ahead and how they can steer their startup to success. Read them and you will surely thank us later for them.

  1. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Company by Varun Agarwal

Startups are difficult and they are even more difficult in India when you are faced with an army of disapproving relatives, expecting parents and judgmental society. In this amazing book, the author who is a startup co-founder brilliantly capture the hurdles he faced in the initial stages and how he overcame them with grit and determination. Reading this book will make you realize the challenges you should be ready to face if you are planning to leave a usual job for startups from an Indian’s perspective. Once you have started your journey, you will be amazed with the correlation this book will have with your real life and everything will feel like a Deja-vu.


  1. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is someone who definitely knows a thing or two about startups. Being one of the member of Paypal mafia and serial investor to more than a dozen startups, he is surely someone you would look up for advice. In this brilliant book, he tells us the difference between zero to one and one to infinity and why we should always strive for achieving zero to one in our respective fields. This book will rekindle your innovator side and you will start looking for ideas which will make a difference.


  1. The 100$ Startup by Chris Guillebeau

In this amazing book, the author has brilliantly captured stories of individuals who started successful businesses with less than $100 to spare and made a fortune out of it. Through the means of such stories, he preaches valuable lessons as to how you can start with low investment and reach out to global audience, creating a successful startup in the process. You will also learn marketing advices and how you can use the power of internet to gain traction without burning much cash.


  1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Once you have started, it is equally important to be on track and measure your success on the basis of pre-defined parameters. In the Lean Startup, Eric Ries teaches us how we can learn to set goals for our startup, track them and take corrective actions on the basis of feedback received. Reading this book will help you sustain and grow your startup using a cycle of hypothesis based experimentation, iterative product releases and validated learning. This will ensure that your startups thrive in the world of living dead.


  1. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

If you are planning for a startup, you must be definitely idolizing Elon Musk. The Steve Jobs of modern era, Elon has single handedly revolutionized multiple industries and aims to settle humans on Mars. In this brilliant book, you will make acquaintance with his incredible journey from being born in South Africa to one of the most iconic figures of modern world. You will learn about the grit and determination it takes to carve out your own way and how you can do the same. This is a must read for every dreamer out there.

Read them all! Tell us how you find them and other books you would like to add to this list. We would love to read them too and maybe we all can start our new journey together.

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