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Book Lover Habits

Some Peculiar Book Lovers' Habits Common to All

It is rightly believed that “once a bibliophile, always a bibliophile”. There is nothing really strange about adoring books. You will mostly find avid readers raving about their favorite books. On the surface, bookworms seem as normal as any other person around. However, there are some deep hidden secrets and habits that are common to all book lovers.

 Book Lovers Habits

We all have picked up some quirky habits during our years of reading, while we all run away from admitting or exposing them. Having said that, we feel no shame attached to this behavior pattern. After all, these habits tell us apart from normal people and speak volumes about our fathom for books.

Let’s try and relate to each other by having a glimpse of these cute book lovers' habits.

1. Guilty of hoarding books

Admit to it or not, readers have this bizarre practice of stacking up and procuring books. As readers, we always feel gravitated towards having our bookshelves flooded with books, even if the book is just meant to sit there untouched for years. The volume of piled-up books never feels sufficient. Our fragile shoulders easily feel the pain of life’s worries, but the weight of heavy hardcovers feels so seamless to carry.

2. Feeling alive after sniffing a new book

The joy of having a good book right in your hands is unparalleled. The scent of an expensive perfume fades in front of the smell of a new book. Books just smell amazing. A reader cannot not feel rejuvenated after smelling a new book. The scent is so accommodating and comforting that sometimes a book is enough to lift our lousy spirits.

 Book Lovers Habits

3. Ditching the night out plans just to finish the book

We all must have done this at least once. Sometimes, we get so absorbed in a particular book, that it gets hard to drop the book for any reason. Whatever works, but we make sure to come up with enough excuses to stay back to finish it. So, we all cancel our plans just to curl up in cozy beds just to continue reading.

4. Judging a book by its cover

The adage goes, “never judge a book by its cover”. However, as readers, we end up doing that quite often. An eye-grabbing book cover naturally entices us to grab it. While sometimes even the best-reviewed book needs courage to be read because of its not-so-attractive cover.

5. Wishing there was more to our favorite book

Do we ever get that strange heavy feeling when we finish reading the book? Sometimes the characters and the stories feel so alive that it leaves us craving for more. Some books hit straight to our heart that our mind actually needs to remain fallow for some time to get into the thick of things again. Books teleport us to different places, that we feel caught between fantasy and reality. So, nearing the end of your treasured novel is never a great feeling.

 Book Lovers Habits

6. Shedding tears on the demise of our loved book character

We don’t admit it, but we all must have wept endlessly when our favorite character meets a sad end. Sometimes we identify with certain roles on a very deeper level that the feeling of parting ways with them is inexplicable. This gut-wrenching pain of bidding adieu leaves us with sleepless nights of bemoaning the loss.

7. The never-ending TBR list

Even with our hard attempts at narrowing the list of TBR books, we end up having a prolonged list. No book lover is immune to the swaying feeling of finding new books to read. Thus, every other book here and there just makes its way easily to our TBR. The book hog never really stops.

8. Running out of space for new books on the bookshelf

No bookshelf is sufficient enough to be able to quench the insatiable thirst of procuring more books. The pile of our books keeps on expanding, while the space on our shelf keeps on diminishing. As a result, we are left hunting for ways to create more space to meet ever-growing needs.

 Book Lovers Habits

9. Trying to summon the courage to read a procrastinated book

Last, but not least, we are humans after all. Reading surely is meditative and a happy place for book nerds. However, sometimes we grow weary of continuous reading and need time to catch up on other things around. Taking a break from reading is never really a bad thing, instead, it helps revive our laid-back soul to dive back again into it.

- Purvi Kalra

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