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Bookish Santa collaborates with Magazine Stacks

Bookish Santa collaborates with Magazine Stacks

We are super excited to announce this collaboration with Magazine Stacks.
Bookish Santa was started with a vision to promote the habit of reading in the country. Beginning with just fiction novels, over a period of time we have diversified into a wide genre and now provide both new and pre-loved books. We believe that reading should not be limited to just books and novels. It should also include every form of content creation that prompt its consumers to think. It could include novels, non-fiction titles, magazines, long-form articles and other mediums too which have been thoughtfully curated and crafted.
That is what brings us to Magazine Stacks.
Magazine Stacks is a unique independent magazine collection and discovery platform designed to pamper the reading interests in you. It pushes you to explore the art of reading to its best with its unique collection of innovative and appealing Indie magazines. To provide you enriched reading time, it tries to provide you the most polished variety of independent magazine collections. Magazine stacks boast of a huge variety of the most unique and rarest indie magazines.
We have partnered with Magazine Stacks to provide you the best of indie magazines right at our website. You can choose from a wide and variety of niches, whether it is food, travel, fashion, décor or any other category. Heaps of great, unique magazines are just a click away from discovery. All the magazines that come from Magazine Stacks are backed by top-notch designs, enriching content and most exacting production values so that they have a great shelf life even after you are done with reading them. Also, you get a discount on their prices when you purchase these magazines from our platform. Could it have been any better!
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