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Cruel and Nasty Reader’s Habits

Cruel and Nasty Reader’s Habits


Hey guys! Glad to have you back! Thank you for stopping by. I’m sure we all love reading books whenever we get free time. But it is when we head to the most interesting part of the story that our moms call us to finish the chores or your dad asks for a hand with the stool he is moving across rooms or it’s time to get off at your bus stop. As much as we love books, the actions that we do in the last few moments before we stop reading our book gives away the true reality.  

Well, now I know who made those dog ears on my favorite book. We’ve all got nasty habits. From licking your fingertips to flip the stuck pages to folding the spine of the book at the page you are currently reading; we’ve seen serious tortures that the book goes through before it reached the bookshelf. I remember stepping into a public library to pick up my favorite book and have every page folded into dog ears and tattered now and then. We all are little demons at times, aren’t we? 

The other day I was at a coffee shop. I saw the girl sitting in the table next ours have a copy of E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars. She was reading that book as she waited for someone else to arrive. She was so buried in the book that she didn’t notice me looking at her. Suddenly, when her guest had arrived, what she did was so quick and “nasty”! She just turned the book down on the table to the page where she left at only to have some sauce and oil stains stuck to the page. That did break our hearts, didn’t it? 

I also feel like grabbing a book from someone’s hand when they fold at the spine to its back in the name of holding it comfortably. Maybe some books are bound in such a way that the books can handle being bent and the spines won’t crack. But please be a little considerate, our minds do scream when we see it.  

We all are used to making short notes on the school textbooks we read. But scribbling on the novels you read is not the same. It just upsets you to see scribbled words on the margins of the page. I’ve seen children fold the pages of the book to make then seem like butterfly and man it’s upsetting. We all need to be considerate about the book we read, shouldn’t we? But maybe all these evil behaviors make us want to love our books, even more, I guess. So, let us take a look at our shelves and see the number of covers we have damaged by spilling water, the number of pages we spilt coffee over, the numbers of books we scribbled over, the number of papers licked to turn over. Well, sometimes we need to think that maybe someone else would pick these pretty books. Don’t you think they deserve a clean and tidy book to start their journey? So next time after you lick your fingertips, think before you put them on your book to flip over. Haha. 




Author: Hannah is an avid reader and artist. She loves books and bullet journal. Her blog is for contents about Journaling and Reading. You can find her on Instagram @journalbeanreads as well. She would love to get in touch with you.

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