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How does it grow? – The To-Be Read List

How does it grow? – The To-Be Read List

Hello everybody! It is wonderful to see you all back on my blog! Thank you for stopping by. Well, here’s a test for you all to see if you have a soul. (I’m sure most of you will get through this!) Look at your bookshelf or the table by your bedside. See if you have more than three books on your to-be read list. Yes, I just saw to count over seven books. That is a true book soul. Did you ever see that list growing? I bet you did not! 

We all have certainly gone through that situation as a reader at some point in our life didn’t, we? I wake up in the morning. I see a small stack of three books piled up on the shelf and I am making a mental not to go on a no-spend week just so I don’t buy more books. I get dressed and go to college, there is my test for the willpower I have. There’s a surprise unannounced book fair going on. And the icing on the cake is that it’s just for two days. Ahem, just two days and exciting offers, who will get such chances? 

A little voice at the back of my head says, wasn’t it the same excuse you gave me last time, Hannah? Remember the stack on your shelf? I wonder what stack? There’s no stack. I have no books to read, I say to myself. I mean, no new books. Doesn’t that mean I need to walk in to buy something? And in no time, I walk out with my tote bag filled with two new books from the book fair. Now, I place the newly bought books along with the three old books I have on my shelf. Oops, I still haven’t finished reading it. Now I have five unread books.  

That’s how that little pile on my shelf was made. It grew. On its own. The last time I walked into a bookstore I was sure I didn’t have books left of my to-be reads. But now, there’s this magical pile of books sitting on my shelf. I’m a little happy. Now I’ve got books that can sort the next three months. At least now I can have a no-spend routine for the next three months. Aah… How satisfying it is to see them.  

I went home for the summer break. I carried a book for my travel. The one that was bought already. The bus ride home from the college to the place where I lived was 8 hours long. I was reading in peace while riding on the A/C sleeper bus. The bus stopped for a short break to freshen up. 

I got down to buy some namkeen for the journey and I saw a novel written by a well-known author on the rack by the hotel. The book was being sold at half it’s original price because it was a used book. I wondered if there would be an option better than this to grant a book like that. But the little stack on my shelf? Said my mind. But I am carrying only one book right now. And it feels a little insecure. I shall buy this. I carried the book into the bus as I forgot my namkeen. Who needs namkeen when you have such a lovely deal in your bag!  

I reached home and walked into my room. The warmth of my room engulfed me and there I saw a stack of ten novels I left on the shelf the last time I left the new book I bought on top of the stack. Well, it’s one guilty pleasure that no reader will ever forget to savor. What a reader am I without a big grown to-be read stack. Well, I certainly am a true book soul, aren’t I?  

Sending love in stacks,  


Author: Hannah is an avid reader and artist. She loves books and bullet journal. Her blog is for contents about Journaling and Reading. You can find her on Instagram @journalbeanreads as well. She would love to get in touch with you.

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