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How To Choose The Next Book For Your Child

How To Choose The Next Book For Your Child

by Namitha T

Are you finding it difficult to select the best book for your child?

Do you doubt your selection of books?

Are you confused among the whole lot of options available?

It gets really challenging to check if a particular book is in the best interest of our children’s growth. The blurb, and the online reviews may help you select an awesome book. But is this book the best for your little one?

Let’s look at a few questions that can guide us to decide to pick that particular book or not. These questions also assist you in confidently selecting among the ocean of books available.

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How To Choose The Next Book For Your Child

Choose The Next Book For Your Child

  1. What will the child learn from this book?

The 'table of content' is the best place to get an insight into the book. The names of the chapter are a good indication of the content of the chapter. The blurb on the back cover of the book can provide enough information for us to decide if the child could have any new concept to learn. Learning new things would not just be factual data but also personality development skills too.

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  1. Is the topic age-appropriate?

The list of topics covered by the book along with the depth to which each topic has been covered should be one of the major factors in your decision. Too expansive, the kid does not want to read. Too limited, the child finishes it off in no time.

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  1. Is the content relatable to daily life?

A book that can be related to their own lives can hold their attention successfully for a longer time. A story of a working professional with no child characters in the story does not have an anchor for the child’s interest. A funny story with a few child characters, indirectly impacting their skills and knowledge, would be a better option.

  1. Is the layout of the book appealing?

A book with no pictures, a book with just a few pictures, and a book with unpleasant drawings do not have a chance of being picked up by a kid. As you might have already observed, children’s books have colorful and big illustrations.  Orientation of the book also makes an impact on the kid. If the layout of the book would be agreeable with your kid’s interests, then undoubtedly it is the book to be picked up. 

  1. Will the book entertain?

Entertainment is a very critical factor. Will the book provide enough scope and space for imagination? The fluidity of images created in their minds and the flexibility of expansion of these imaginations are the base of entertainment that can pull a child towards a book and away from electronics.

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  1. Is the book similar to their current favourite?

Building on the current interest is easy. Be it space, rockets, gardening, art, drawing, or doodling. Check if this book can serve as the next level in the current interest. Does it add more to the enthusiasm towards the current passion? Shifting entirely to a new field can be challenging. But if the above five questions are positive then taking chances would be worthwhile.

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Even though we use these questions, sometimes, we do end up selecting a “bad” book that your kid does not want to open. Learn from those mistakes and keep trying to get your kids to read good books!

- Namitha T

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