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Know Your Bookstagrammer: Mridu Agarwal

Know Your Bookstagrammer: Mridu Agarwal

A usual job can be very taxing. But what if we tell you about a Bookstagrammer who has a full time job but has also managed to amass huge Instagram following solely on the basis of perseverance and amazing images she usually posts on her wall. She has been one of our favorite Bookstagrammer since the beginning and every now and then we pester her for continued advice which she gladly obliges to. So when we started our "Know your Bookstagrammer" series we shot a list of questionnaire to her which she again took time to respond. Lets peek into the life and work of Mridu Agarwal aka Storypals and learn how she manages to accomplish so much during so limited time and also how dangerous she can be sometimes (pun intended ;-p)

 Mridu Agarwal

 Mridu Agarwal

Bookstagram Handle: Storypals

A Brief Bio: Communication Designer, Story lover and almost a baker.

Favorite Author: Can't really hang on to one. :|

Favorite Book: A Monster Calls

Favorite Quote:

“I was okay just a moment ago. I will learn how to be okay again.”

Nina LaCour, We Are Okay


First of all, tell us a little about your background and how you started blogging / bookstagramming?

To be honest, I was never the blogging kind, in fact I hated blogging. In college, we had to maintain blogs for our projects to update our mentors with our research and our progress on our respective projects. At that very moment I didn’t really like documenting everything for some random person on the internet to read but after a while blogging became a habit and bookstagramming became a way to share my love for stories with people who had same interest as me. Not only that, but creatively explore that side of me.


Where do you get your inspiration from? And how you overcome the days of non-inspiration where you cannot get anything done?

I have been trained as a designer, so everything and anything is what inspires me, be it talking to people or just staring at my ceiling. I truly consider myself really lucky! For the days where I cannot get anything done-- well those days are the days where I get in my blanket read a book or watch a film, nothing else can inspire you than a great story!


What are your views on the Instagram community? How supportive are they? How has been the response so far?

One reason why I have been able to stick around and grow myself as a bookstagrammer / blogger is because how supportive and welcoming they are. They aren’t fighting for the best but rather helping each other grow, which by the way is very difficult to find in on other platforms.

I still remember, I started with YouTube, unfortunately wasn’t able to continue with it but the people there were so welcoming, without me promoting myself, there were people who came around to help me and praise me. The response was amazing and it will sound very cheesy but it did kind of motivated me to start something of my own.

And of course if you see now life is great!


What tools do you use for your blog and bookstagramming?

For Instagram I prefer my phone than a DSLR, I have made my theme very minimal and easy for me to post, for people to enjoy the content and book alone.

But at times when I am feeling very creative I do go out with my camera and 3-4 books, shoot them around, edit it on Adobe Photoshop.

I also play with Grids and not just a simple photo which is where I use Adobe Illustrator.

As for my Blog, reading and watching is the only tool and of course me blabbering about everything and anything stories.


Which are your favorite Genres? Also which book(s) are you currently reading? And which are the books you would recommend everyone to read?

That’s a toughie!

I don’t really have a favourite genre because most of the things I do in my life depend on the kind of mood I am in. When I am feeling adventurous I go for fantasy, when I want to feel loved-- I don’t go to potential love interest in real life but rather turn to a romantic/ contemporary novel and make a mess of the already messed up reality. Thriller and mysteries when I plotting murders, you know they are helpful in terms of ideas and what one should avoid.

I am currently reading- My heart and other black holes by Jasmine Warga.

My recommendations for people are purely based on what that certain person will like and would want to read more. (P.S. most of the girls get murder mysteries as recommendations- I wonder why? :P )


Apart from the blogging / bookstagramming, what else you do? How do you manage your time and energy juggling between all of them?

Ah that question. Why are you making me face reality? But anyway… 

I am a communication designer, specializing in Film and motion graphics (I took stories way too seriously). Managing time and energy, is difficult and frustrating but this where my energy comes from, this is what keeps me on the edge, this what I enjoy doing and hence I don’t have to manage time, I am easily able to just make time for it.


What is the best advice you have received and how that has improved you?

Fail faster, succeed later.


What is your advice to newbie bloggers who have just started? What would you suggest them to do?

Be consistent, keep doing what you are doing, do not give up, number will grow and people will know, you do what you can do best.


Fill in the Blanks: I’d love to see ________ answer the same questions.

Cait from PaperFury


Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to readers and followers?

Once I kicked my bus driver because he messed with my sister. I kicked him hard and I was only 8. ;) Just Kidding. I am the sweetest person alive! :) My name’s meaning is sweet. :P

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