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Sorry, I Judged You by Your Cover

Sorry, I Judged You by Your Cover

Hello guys, glad to have you all back reading my article. This article is going to be a little different than the previous articles I’ve written. At some point, we’ve all bought books for the covers. We all judged the books and sometimes they were the right choices. And sometimes not. Here’s like an open letter to the books I judged.

 1. Wonder by R.J Palacio


You were one of the books whose cover certainly did not draw me close. I was not so intrigued by your cover. I had to read to you soon because I had borrowed you from a friend. But as I turned to the back cover, it said,  

“Don’t judge the “book” (struck through and replaced with “boy”) by “its cover” (struck through and replaced with “his face”). That did interest me, however, it wasn’t enough to rag me into reading with all intent. 

But as I began reading, Auggie, made me fall in love with the book. A middle-school child facing so man troubles in his school as he had cleft palate was so heart wrenching. I felt sorry for Auggie sometimes and I wished he was treated better. But what took me by surprise was the Julian Chapter, his conversation with his grandmother made me tear up so bad. You turned out to be way amazing than what your cover portrays. 

I am sorry I judged you and I was wrong.  

 2. The House on Carnaval Street by Deborah Rodriguez 

The House on Carnaval Street by Deborah Rodriguez

You were such an attractive looking book. I sure did pick you for your cover, so dainty with all the Aztec design. I thought it was going to be one of my favorite books that I can yap about all day long. And also because you were written by the author of The Little Coffee Shop at Kabul. Did you say coffee? Well, that’s how came home. I read the first few pages with a lot of interest. But somewhere along the line, you lost me.  

I was not drawn in by the memoir you were. Maybe, memoirs weren’t my thing. But I’m sure someone else would love you more. Your Mexico bored me a little but I’m hoping you’ll find a better place. Sorry, I judged you and I was wrong. 

3. Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi  

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

Aah, you. I loved you from the beginning. Your cover had my heart. It was decor to all my bookstagram photos by itself. Such a vibrant cover that drew attention from any corner of the room. As I started reading, Alice was a work of art (though she was colorless, those who read will know). Oliver and Alice’s friendship taught me a lot of things. Sacrifices people make because they love, people who stand by you when you least expect them to and many more.  

The wave of peace you left me with after I closed the book shut was incomparable. Every time I got to an interesting phase of the story, I’d flip to look at its illustration on the cover. It was like playing an advanced version of I Spy. I’m sorry, not sorry, I judged you and you were bliss.  

We all have had such a book in our lives as a reader for sure. Let me know the books you judged and also why! I would love to know. Thank you for your time. See you all again.  

Love, Hannah. 

Author: Hannah is an avid reader and artist. She loves books and bullet journal. Her blog is for contents about Journaling and Reading. You can find her on Instagram @journalbeanreads as well. She would love to get in touch with you.

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