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Tricks to remove Reader’s Blocks

Tricks to remove Reader’s Blocks


No matter how well versed you are in reading, a time will come when you are going to be bored. Sometimes your favourite thing in the world might seem like a tough task. In the bibliophile world, we called as Reader's Block.  

Surely most of us might have faced a time where you just don't feel like picking up a book. Or sometimes you might read and re-read again and again without taking anything in. Your brain simply refuses to conjure up scenes from the book. 

The psychology behind Reader's Block: 

Whenever we read, our mind takes in what our eyes see. However, it is the passive mind, the real magician, who makes us understand the material in hand. There are times wherein our mind simply refuses to conjure up scenes from the book. It this through these images that we understand and enjoy reading. Let's take an example 

The room was small and dingy, but the ignited logs in the fireplace made it very warm and comforting. Especially, after spending an entire day in the snow the warm room was a relief. 

When you read these sentences, you immediately conjure an image of a small room with a fireplace, some furniture (according to your choice). You imagine the warmth against your body. You imagine your condition after being in the snow. 

But sometimes your mind is too tired to process anything. Don't freak out now. I said tired, not incapable. 

All you need is some good twister to jazz things up. Here are a few things that can help you relax back to normal: 


1. Quit Reading... For a While 

If your mind has decided that it does not want to process anything then listen to it. It needs some rest from the routine. Mental health is important and you should take care of it. Quit reading for some time. 

2. Try a different genre 

Even after not reading for a while your blocked continues, it's time to try something different. A book from a different genre won't do any harm. 

3. Read something simple 

If you are suffering from the reader's block, opening up philosophies of Karl Marx is not a great option. Try something simple like Harry Potter! 

4. Read your favourite book 

Reading what you love, I will help you get in the mood. We all have our choicest of favourites. It's time to open one of them. 

5. Read a picture book 

I know this sounds crazy. What are we, five? Well, like I said before your mind needs a rest from complex materials. What's simpler than a picture book or a comic?! 

6. Write Down 

Maybe your mind is blocked by all the stuff you have kept inside. It would be a good idea to pen it down. Don’t worry about anybody reading it just write to you. 

7. Change Reading location 

I am not talking about Vastu Shastra. However, a new cosy corner might help remove some dullness and freshen you up. 

8. Listen to a story 

If you are tired of physical books, you can still listen. Usually, we have one narrator in every house. It may be your mother or father or grandparents. Ask them to narrate something to you. 

9. Take a break from social media 

Nothing is as destructive as scrolling the social media feed again and again. If you have gotten into the habit of it, that’s what makes you all slouchy. Get rid of it ASAP. 

If you have some other tricks that help you, do share them in the comment box. Happy Reading! 


Author: Shraddha says, "A freelance content writer with writing as her mode of expression. I am an obsessive reader and my books give me the power to write. If you share my hobbies we can totally become friends feel free to reach me at @bookish_freak."

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