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COVID 19 Delivery Update
Your Guide to Condition Of Pre-loved Books

Your Guide to Condition Of Pre-loved Books


At Bookish Santa, we always strive to provide you the best experience in terms of buying books and ensure that the books always provide amazing value for money. One problem that readers were facing was related to the fact that the term "pre-loved books" was a bit vague which can include books which are in mint condition and also books which are, well, not in so good condition. Therefore, to ensure that you are aware beforehand of the condition of the books you will be receiving (and also judge the value for money it provides), we have recently categorized the books available with us in different categories which are as below:


New: These are new books which have been purchased from publishers and authors.


Almost New: These are books which have been read previously or are excess stock from bookshops and publishers. These books will have:

  • Intact spine
  • No pen and pencil marks
  • No yellow or dirty pages
  • No physical damage
  • Intact front and back covers
  • Intact dust jacket and cover in case of Hardcovers
  • Accessories (if any) 


Good: These are the books which have have been sourced from book lovers and are in very good condition. They may have signs of ageing but will be in pretty good condition. These books will have:

  • Visible wrinkles on covers
  • Name and other minor markings inside
  • Yellow pages and folded corners
  • A few wrinkled pages inside
  • Damaged or no dust jacket in case of hardcovers


Readable: These are the warriors who have withered the storm. These books may be old and have visible wear and tear signs. These books will have:

  • Visible wrinkles on book and inside
  • Minor tear in a few pages but has all the pages
  • Name and other markings 
  • Dark and yellowish pages
  • Damages spine 
  • Damaged front and back cover


    Vintage: These are the books which are collector's delight. They will have the year of publication in their name and are usually in good condition except for the usual sign of wear and tear due to ageing.


    In case you are still unsure about the condition of books you are ordering, you can reach out to us and we will be glad to assist you anytime.


    Happy Reading 



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      Simran Vaswani - September 30, 2020

      Hello bookish Santa

      I would like to sell my books. Please help me the procedure for selling the used books can done.

      Bookish Santa - November 30, 2019

      Hi Dr. Chhetri

      The vintage books have their year of publication mentioned in the titles. Most of those books are in good condition and but will have signs of ageing such as yellow pages and normal wear and tear. You can reach out to us for further information.

      Happy Reading

      Dr P K Chhetri - November 30, 2019

      Thanks, I bought three books from your store, Complete Father Brown and two books of Dan Brown Da Vinci Code and Deception Point, they are in good condition. Kindly let me know in detail about your vintage collections.

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