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  • Daily Bread

    Original Price Rs. 60.00
    Current Price Rs. 48.00

    Daily Bread

  • Heart Talk

    Original Price Rs. 60.00
    Current Price Rs. 48.00

    Heart Talk

  • May Be We'll All Go Mad

    Original Price Rs. 125.00
    Current Price Rs. 100.00

    "Why is it that people have so much to say these days, but can'™t find the right words?" This novel starts with Ulla Berke'wicz this question, and...

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  • Undertow

    Original Price Rs. 250.00
    Current Price Rs. 200.00


  • Unity And Strength

    Original Price Rs. 695.00
    Current Price Rs. 556.00

    Unity And Strength is a novel inspired by the life of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The Architect of Independent India. His qualities of ardent patriot...

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  • Viet Nam 1982-2017

    Original Price Rs. 899.00
    Current Price Rs. 719.20

    Geetesh Sharma, a renowned author and a senior journalist, is a strong bridge between Vietnam and India as far as people's diplomacy is concerned. ...

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