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    A Christmas Carol

    from Rs. 129.00

    This reissue is a facsimile of an edition published in 1946 in the hardback King Penguin series, which, while not itself a facsimile, attempted to ...

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    A Flight Of Pigeons

    Original Price Rs. 225.00
    Current Price Rs. 180.00

    Set in Shahjahanpur during the revolt of 1857, A Flight of Pigeons is Ruskin Bond’s classic novella about the twists of fate, history and the human...

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    A Handful Of Nuts

    Original Price Rs. 199.00
    Current Price Rs. 159.00

    A handful of nuts is a gloriously funny and unexpectedly tender story of being young and adventurous in small town India.The narrator hopes to esta...

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    A Himalayan Love Story

    Original Price Rs. 299.00
    Current Price Rs. 239.00

    With this haunting novel about romantic loss and fatalism, Namita Gokhale confirms her reputation as one of India s finest writers, and one with th...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9781405929745
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    A Lesser Evil

    Original Price Rs. 450.00
    Current Price Rs. 139.00

    She defied her parents to marry for love... Following her heart, Fifi moves with Dan to London where they rent a seedy flat in Dale Street, Kenning...

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    A Little Learning

    Original Price Rs. 240.00
    Current Price Rs. 130.00

    Carla Tradescant loathes everything about her husband Alan. She loves him once, when he was a trendy, radical university lecturer. But now - a care...

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