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Free Fall - The Journey Home (Author's Signed Edition)

(Paperback Edition)
by Rohini Singh
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Shona, a parakeet with everything going for her, decides one fine day to leave her cozy cage to fly free in the blue skies. During her many adventures, she is befriended by a host of memorable characters including Shona 2, a parakeet who looks like her, talks like her (often even poses as her) but spouts strange, unfamiliar ideas and incites Shona to do foolhardy things.

This delightful parable is about friendship, learning to trust, letting go, and discovering the power of surrender. Shona’s story will enthral and charm you, and may even touch closer home than you imagine it could be your story!

More Information:

Publisher: Hay House
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9789381431313

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