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Children's Adventure

  • Book Bookish Santa

    No Such Thing as Dragons

    Original Price Rs. 199.00
    Current Price Rs. 129.00

    The crags of Dragon Mountain are haunted by a monster. But dragons aren't real, are they? So what is the murderous beast that swoops from the peaks...

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  • Jungle Book

    Original Price Rs. 399.00
    Current Price Rs. 179.00

    The Jungle Book key characters are Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves and Sher Khan, biggest tiger in India. As Baloo the sleepy brown bear, Bagheera t...

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  • Book Karadi Tales 9788194407140

    Tracing Roots

    Original Price Rs. 499.00
    Current Price Rs. 399.00

    For centuries, people have sought to make sense of the world around them through stories, and this holds true for trees as well. Why does the cocon...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9780670852505

    Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Original Price Rs. 550.00
    Current Price Rs. 229.00

    Fantastic Mr. Fox is on the run! The three meanest farmers around are out to get him. Fat Boggis, squat Bunce, and skinny Bean have joined forces, ...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9780241362273

    Count Karlstein

    Original Price Rs. 299.00
    Current Price Rs. 149.00

    All Souls' Eve is a night when nobody in the village of Karlstein dares to leave their homes. For that is the night that Zamiel, the Demon Huntsman...

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  • Book Scholastic 9789390189335

    Cat Kid Comic Club

    Original Price Rs. 595.00
    Current Price Rs. 476.00

    A pioneering new graphic novel series by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of the internationally bestselling Dog Man and Captain Underpants s...

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  • Book Speaking Tiger 9789389958935

    Loki Takes Guard

    Original Price Rs. 299.00
    Current Price Rs. 239.00

    Eleven-year-old Loki—Lokanayaki Shanmugam—is cricket crazy. She wants to play on the local cricket league team, The Temple Street Tankers. But they...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9780440865483

    The Suitcase Kid

    Original Price Rs. 325.00
    Current Price Rs. 99.00

    When my parents split up they didn't know what to do with me.My family always lived at Mulberry Cottage. Mum, Dad, me -- and Radish, my Sylvanian r...

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