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Cancer Weds Cancer

(Paperback Edition)
by Sudhir Mota
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Wouldn't an incident of cancer afflicting someone in your family cause tremendous turmoil within you?
As a poet, I put both the happy ad sad moments in my life on paper and while doing this I often magnify my happiness a million times and dwarf my sorrows to an even greater degree. Writing breaks all your inhibitions and makes you share your innermost feelings and emotions with the world, just like I have done in this book.
I wish I could get inside the minds of cancer patients and their loved ones and dwell there as they read this book. If I could do that, I might succeed in telling them that in this life - which is vaster and deeper than any ocean - unaccountable and unpredictable things do happen. As with the oceans, no one can fathom what lies beneath. There are tides and ebbs; cyclones and calm spells. And churning hrows up so many things .one by one. Our lives are, therefore, very similar to the oceans.
My nanny used to say - this too, shall pass and the one truth of life is that everything, however good or bad, does eventually come to pass.

More Information:

Publisher: Sarvatra
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 138
ISBN: 9789381506899

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