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Society & Culture

  • Book Bookish Santa 9789675068119
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    Let Us Be Muslims

    Original Price Rs. 350.00
    Current Price Rs. 229.00

    This is a new revised and edited edition of Mawdudi's Urdu Khutubat which covers themes such as Faith, Islam, Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving, Pilgrima...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9781842041871
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    Scottish Ghosts

    Original Price Rs. 750.00
    Current Price Rs. 349.00

    Tormented spectres wander the pages of this disquieting collection. Lock your door, turn up the lights and as you start to read, pray to be deliver...

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  • Book IBD 9789386473783
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    Discovering India

    Original Price Rs. 595.00
    Current Price Rs. 476.00

    A young polish woman embarks on a tour of India and falls in love with the country. What does she find? She finds that India is quite different fro...

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  • Buy City of Joy Book Online at Low Prices in India | Bookish Santa Book Prakash Books 9780099140917
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    City of Joy

    Original Price Rs. 399.00
    Current Price Rs. 319.00

    Living in the seeming hell of one of the poorest and most crowded quarters of Calcutta are the saints of today: saints such as Mother Teresa, saint...

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  • Buy Untouchable Book Online at Low Prices in India | Bookish Santa Book Prakash Books 9780143027805
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    Original Price Rs. 200.00
    Current Price Rs. 160.00

    Bakha is a young man, proud and even attractive, yet none the less he is an outcast in India's caste system: an Untouchable. In deceptively simple ...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9780091957643
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    The Biscuit Girls

    Original Price Rs. 499.00
    Current Price Rs. 129.00

    Ivy, Dulcie, Barbara, Ann, Dorothy and Jean all had different reasons for applying to work at Carr’s biscuits, but once they had put on their overa...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9788172240806
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    Original Price Rs. 275.00
    Current Price Rs. 199.00

    1925. The Panchatantra is a collection of Indian animal fables, known in Europe as the Fables of Bidpai. The original work was in Sanskrit, and cou...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9781785035272
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    Original Price Rs. 799.00
    Current Price Rs. 299.00

    “I defy any woman to flick through Modestly, through Dina’s musings on bullying, eating disorders, maternity wear, contouring and feminism, and no...

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  • Book Bookish Santa 9780143103516
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    A Girl Like Me

    Original Price Rs. 299.00
    Current Price Rs. 159.00

    Recently transplanted from the quiet suburbs of Minnesota to bustling Gurgaon, sixteen-year-old Anisha Rai is determined to hate her new life. Whil...

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