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First Floor, Pant Properties, Plot No. 2 & 3, A-1 Block, Budh Bazar Rd, Gandhi Chowk, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110059 110059 Delhi IN
Bookish Santa
First Floor, Pant Properties, Plot No. 2 & 3, A-1 Block, Budh Bazar Rd, Gandhi Chowk, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110059 Delhi, IN
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About US

Filled with gems to discover, packed away in one of the forgotten corners of Purani Dilli lies the dream of every booklover The Sunday Book Market. At prices that go as low as the cost of a packet of chips are rare old books to find, with some used ones, and those recent in print. It is here that you end up crossing paths with a book that you thought you’d never read, but the price being too tempting to pass on, you end up buying it. And when you finally get to reading it, you discover that it is the story you had been looking for all along. 

But not everyone gets to experience that magic and joy. Who knows, maybe you’ve never been to Delhi in the first place. As such, geography, time and a series of other unfortunate events can come in the way of running into that one and many perfect books which could be life-changing, which could be just what you need.

Bookish Santa began with the vision of never letting anyone miss out on that experience. We want you to find new worlds to escape into and new ideas to chase. We want to help you find the right book, and more importantly, we want to be your personal Sunday Book Market. 

So we offer to you a range of collections to browse through, of vintage, preloved, and, of course, new copiesall at prices that would pull you in to look for more.

And with a little bit of luck, you might just end up with a new personal favourite in your hands; brought to you by us, with love. 

Our Story

Bookish Santa began in 2017, with just over 100 pre-owned books sitting for sale in the room of a CA dropout. The dream was to build something worthwhile for all the readers out there. And that dream finally blossomed into where we are now, creating and curating a space for all literary enthusiasts. 

We have grown to house lakhs of preloved and new titles for sale since we started, enabling us to help thousands of readers celebrate literature in India. As an extension to that, we began our book blog in the summer of 2020 to appreciate books in all measures, which is now a go-to guide for readers to seek reviews, recommendations, and more. 

We are run by a team of booklovers who are working towards making reading an affordable, accessible, and thriving culture. Bookish Santa has expanded to become a brand in itself, selling thousands of preloved and new copies, and offering hundreds of bookish articles to access for free. 

Fortunately, we have been able to consolidate a community of more than 50,000 readers across the country, and are now working towards becoming a one-stop destination for all bibliophiles–– so we can be the Santa to all your literary needs.

Still wondering why you should buy from us? 

Our diverse selling list expands from children’s books to adult fiction, books on history and philosophy, science and academics. Plus, when you buy a preloved book from us, you not only support the independent booksellers of Daryaganj Book Market but also do one small bit for the planet. 

We ensure that all the books we sell are genuine, non-pirated copies and we strive for hundred-percent customer satisfaction. 

We are not just some profit-driven online bookseller. We value the happiness that books bring into your lives, and we are just around the corner, ready to deliver it to you! 

Books are magical and second hand book is the old magic spell!