Bookish Santa Author Promotion Program

We have launched this promotional program to bridge the gap between new books, authors and the readers. There are a plethora of brilliant books getting published everyday but never making it to their end uses. In today's world, marketing and promotion is the key between a bestseller and an average book. This is where we will come in. We will market your book directly to the target audience to bring you and your book the recognition it deserves.
How will we promote your book?
We have a very strong and active presence on social media, blog page for reviews & interviews, E-mail (newsletter) marketing, offline display at our bookstores and can get your book listed on our website where over 5000 readers stop by to search for books everyday.
I am interested but have certain doubts and questions. How can I contact you?
Fill the form below with the required details and our team will reach out to you!