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COVID 19 Delivery Update
COVID 19 Delivery Update

Bookish Santa Seller Panel

Please read the below terms and conditions carefully before signing up on the portal. In case you require any additional details, feel free to reach out to for help.

 Terms & Conditions:

  1. This portal is being provided to list and sell your products (limited to books, artworks and related items) (hereinafter referred to as "products") on the website of Bookish Santa.
  2. The sole purpose of making available this platform is to help other booksellers and artists in their endeavor to spread the love of reading.
  3. By creating an account, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this page for fair usage. In case you do not agree to any of the mentioned terms and conditions, you are requested to get in touch with us for further clarifications, before you sign up.
  4. Commission: A commission equivalent to 5% of the total order value shall be charged on each of your products sold through our platform. This amount shall be calculated on the price at which you have listed your products for sale.
  5. Discounts: From time to time, we keep on offering various discount coupons and similar benefits to our readers. The cost of such discounts shall be borne by Bookish Santa and any discount redeemed by the customer shall not be deducted from your earnings.
  6. Shipping Charges: We have a low threshold for shipping charges and as such, shipping charges on orders above Rs. 350 are waived off. Similarly, shipping charges are waived off on COD orders above Rs. 1000. To keep things simple, we shall not pass on or apportion any amount charged by us as shipping charges to you. Therefore, we request you to factor in your shipping costs in the selling price itself.
  7. Packing and Shipping: You are required to pack your products properly so that it can withstand the rigors of courier and transport. For fulfillment, you can use any reputed courier agency available with you. In case, you do not have a courier partner in your locality, please get in touch and we shall arrange courier for you from your doorstep.
  8. Payments: Once you have shipped your order, please fulfill the order by entering the relevant tracking id in the designated field. Once the order has been processed from your end, the payment shall be due to your account and shall be settled in the next payment cycle. 
  9. Payment Cycle: We follow a 15 days payment cycle and all the proceedings (after deducting our commission) shall be credited to your account on 15th and 30th day of every month. 
  10. Undelivered orders and returns: In case the order is returned by the customer and we have to initiate a refund, the same shall be deducted from your next payout.
  11. Pirated and Counterfeit Products: We have zero tolerance to pirated and counterfeit products and we believe that piracy steal the original creators of their rightful earnings. This negatively impacts the growth of market and discourage new creators and artists from joining the league. Therefore, at the first complain of a pirated book or art being sold, your account shall be blocked and all the amount available with us shall be forfeited immediately. We request your kind cooperation in keeping Bookish Santa, the platform it has been since its inception.



  • The fields for creation of a new product after sign up are self explanatory and in case you require any clarification, do feel free to drop a mail to
  • Our website use tag structure to display information related to books. Therefore, if you are uploading books, make sure you use the below tag structure so that proper information is available for readers. Please remember, this structure is applicable only for books and you can use general tags such as "bookmarks", "postcard", etc. to define your product in case it is not a book.
    • Following are the mandatory tags you should use:
      • Author_
      • Publisher_
      • Language_
      • Binding_
      • Pages_
      • ISBN_
      • Age_
      • Genre
      • Below is an example of how tags should look.
      • Make sure that you use underscore (_) only in six designated tags mentioned above and use normal spacing for genres and categories. Also, "Age" tag are not mandatory and apply only if the books are meant for children.


Your suggestions for improvement of any of the abovementioned terms are welcome. We are looking to a lasting collaboration with you and your team.

For any query, feel free to reach out to us on


Happy Reading