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Sell your books

Ever wanted to clean up your bookshelves and wondering what to do with all those stacks of books you have accumulated over time!!! We have come up with a program wherein you can send your excess books to us and earn reading points which are redeemable against your next purchase.

Simply fill up this form and we will get in touch with you.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You can not sell books to us if you have less than 5 books with you.
  2. In case the number of books available is below 25, shipping cost will be borne by you.
  3. The amount paid against each book shall be as below:
  • Books in almost new condition - 40% of their amazon selling price
  • Books in good condition - 35% of their amazon selling price
  • For condition chart refer this blog post 
  • The reading points shall be credited only when the books have been received by us and have been inspected for quality and the calculation has been verified by us.
  • In case, damaged books are received or they do not match the description filled in the form, the calculation shall be redone by our team and the final amount will be credited accordingly. 
  • In case of any disagreement, the books shall be sent to you at your expense.
  • The decision of procurement team shall be final in this regard.
  • In case you require any further clarification in this regard, you can always shoot a mail to or call us on +91-9716182959.