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COVID 19 Delivery Update

Write For Us

Bookish Santa - Write for Us

Who are we?

We are bookworms based in Delhi whose souls are stuck in old, pre-loved books that we curate for you. It’s contagious! The love for books, we mean. At Bookish Santa, we pick rare books; by doing this, it’s not just us but you as well who support the independent booksellers of Daryaganj Sunday Book Market (now in Mahila Haat).


What do we need from you?

Since we all have so many books to read, we will keep this short! 

We believe that all readers are writers and all writers are readers. Therefore, what we need from you is to write about literature that you have read or want to read; books that have remained close to your heart; books that motivate you; authors you think about every day; authors whose life you admire; authors who inspire you. If you are a reviewer then review books for us. Write anything bookish and we will make sure we publish it on our website.

Show us your creativity; we are always gluttonous for creative people like you!


How to do it? 

All you have to do is either of these two things:

  1. Send us your work samples if you have written anything bookish and it has been published. If we liked your work then you will be immediately welcomed on-board with us!
  1. If you have not written anything bookish in the past then you can submit a short write-up of 500-700 words on topic of your choice.


Apart from this, we need a pitch from you. Here’s what to include in it:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to work with us?
  3. Propose 2 topics that you, if selected, will write for us.



  • All the submissions are to be submitted in Word doc format (.doc or .docx) to with subject ‘Write for us Application’.
  • Write the pitch in a different word doc, please do not write it in the email.
  • You can go through our previous submissions to understand the kind of content we publish here: Bookish Santa Blogs
  • Make sure your write-ups are grammatically correct and adhered to UK proofing language. We recommend to edit them on Grammarly before submitting.
  • We will take 2 weeks to get back to you, if we do not contact you by then, please understand that we will not be projecting your piece of work. We might also ask you to provide certain changes in your submissions if we see scope.


Once Approved...

Once we liked what you have in store for us, we will send you our Guidelines and Payment Policy and further you with all the requirements. For first post published, you will be rewarded with reading points (which you can use to buy more books to read). Thereafter, once we know you are a regular writer, you will be getting money in your bank. :)  


For any queries, send us an email at

We look forward to receiving responses from you in heaps!