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100 Selected Poems, Emily Dickinson: Collectable Hardbound Edition

(Hardcover Edition)
by Emily Dickinson
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One of the most striking American lyric poet, Emily Dickinson came to be known only after she passed away. This collectable edition brings together her finest poems including ‘heart! We will forget him!’ (47), ‘Success is counted sweetest’ (67), ‘“hope” is the thing with feathers’ (254), ‘I’m nobody! Who are you?’ (288), ‘The soul selects her own society’ (303), ‘I measure every grief I meet’ (561), ‘because I could not stop for death’ (712), ‘My life had stood — a loaded gun’ (754), and ‘Rearrange a “wife’s” affection!’ (1737). Dickinson did not give titles to her poems. They are known either by the first line of the poem or the numbers allotted to them in the Thomas H. Johnson’s edition, the poems of Emily Dickinson. We have used the numbers to identify the poems. A Specimen of her exquisite craftsmanship, each poem gives an insight into dickinson’s life and the emotions she experienced.

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More Information:
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9789389717594

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