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by Paulo Coelho

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Aleph by Paulo Coelho is a surprising and forthright personal story. The author, in a state of disillusion and a grave crisis of faith, sets out on a journey of self discovery. He is in pursuit of spiritual growth and with an aim to start over, he travels across Europe, Africa and Asia. The journey begins with the hope to find spiritual guidance but culminates in a search of his inner self.

Between March and July 2006, he travels across continents. He allows signs to guide him throughout the travel. Paulo Coelho states that though he traveled across continents, the spiritual realization occurred while crossing Asia in the Transiberian train. It was in this train that he happened to meet Hilal, a gifted young violinist.

As the journey progresses, Paulo gradually emerges from his isolation shedding both ego and pride. He laps up the warmth of friendship, love, and faith and emerges a true winner. The readers can rediscover the different facets of his journey as they travel with the author in his most personal novel to date.

Aleph by Paulo Coelho invites readers to rethink the true meaning of their personal journeys. First released in Brazil, Aleph retains the # 1 position in all major bestselling lists.

More Information:

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9780007456093

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