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An Infamous Army (Alastair-Audley Tetralogy #4)

(Paperback Edition)
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In the summer of 1815, beneath the aegis of the Army of Occupation, Brussels is the gayest town in Europe. And the red-haired widow Lady Barbara Childe, renowned for being as outrageous as she is beautiful, is at the centre of the social whirl and of all that is fashionable and light-hearted. However, the city was a nest of intrigue --Napoleon threatened Europe--but the talk was only of this dazzling and tempestuous young. Every brilliant ball, supper, and concert in the feverish spring seemed to bring her a new conquest by storm. She is the talk of the ton. She flirts shamelessly, dresses outrageously, and scandalizes polite society. That doesn't stop one of her adorers--the dashing Colonel Charles Audley, an aide-de-camp to the Duke of Wellington-- from falling madly in love with the beautiful young widow--and proposing marriage. Threatened by the growing tide of scandal, she allowed Colonel Charles Audley to claim her for his bride.

The eve of the fateful Battle of Waterloo, their betrothal falls apart. It isn't until Charles marches off to fight Napoleon that Barbara discovers where her heart lies. Now, she can do nothing but wait as the battle rages, praying for the safety of the one man who can set her free from her wild impulses. But as the clouds of war gathered, he turned from her in a sudden, mysterious indifference. Stunned, bewildered, Barbara wondered what secret she must fathom, what new seduction must she devise, to regain the one man who--she ruefully realized--had truly claimed her heart?

More Information:

Publisher: Arrow
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 431
ISBN: 9780099465768

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