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Arabian Nights: Tales Of Thousand Nights & A Night; Volume 1 of 16

(Paperback Edition)
by testing testing testing by  Richard Francis Burton
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“Tell whoso hath sorrow Grief never shall last:
E’en as joy hath no morrow So woe shall go past.”
Outraged by the infidelity of his wife, King Shahryar kills her. And believing that every woman is the same, in a fit of resentment, he resolves to marry a virgin every day and behead her the next morning, before she turns unfaithful.
When there are no more virgins available, Shahrazad, the daughter of the Wazir, volunteers to become the next bride. And as she begins narrating a captivating tale every evening, holding back the end for the next night, the king, curious to know the conclusion, continues to put off her execution. After a thousand and one nights, Shahrazad’s life is spared forever.
Join the king as he is enthralled every night by the tragedies, comedies, erotica, poems and tales of valor, history, romance and mischief. Bringing alive jinns, monsters, spirits, magicians and sorcerers, these timeless folk tales from the Middle East, have enchanted readers for centuries. They continue to be read, told and heard.
A literal translation of The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments, this edition of The Arabian Nights by Richard F. Burton includes detailed explanatory notes.

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More Information:
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 492
ISBN: 9789386538291