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Catharine and Other Writings

(Paperback Edition)
by Jane Austen by  Douglas Murray by  Margaret Anne Doody
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'Perhaps he is come to rob the house--He comes in stile at least; and it will be some consolation for our losses to be robbed by a Gentleman in a Chaise and 4--'

Jane Austen began writing in her early teens, and filled three notebooks with her fiction. Her earliest work reflects her interest in the novel as a genre; in brilliant short pieces she plays with plots, stock characters, diction, and style, developing a sense of form at a remarkably early age.

The characters of these stories have a jaunty and never-failing devotion to themselves. They perpetually lie, cheat, steal--and occasionally commit murder. Throughout these short or unfinished pieces, Austen exhibits her sense of the preposterous in life and fiction with tough-mindedness and robust humor. In her later published fiction, Austen had learned to take demands for propriety seriously, reining in whatever might be thought boisterous or coarse. Here we see Jane Austen without her inhibitions.

In addition to prose fiction and prayers, this collection also contains many of Jane Austen's poems, written to amuse or console friends, and rarely reprinted. Texts throughout are based on manuscripts, including the three notebooks, affording a distinct edition with a number of new readings.

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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 372
ISBN: 9780192828231

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