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CBSE All In One NCERT Based Social Science Class 7 2020-21

(Paperback Edition)

by Anupam Anand by Shahid Sarwar
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"It’s very important to have a balanced Start to get an outstanding finish. With so much to read from, Young Students are often confused, All in One series from Arihant has been prepared with a singular approach to include all angles of study be it theory, practice and assessments. The
New edition encompasses all the latest update by CBSE.

Current edition of All in One Social Science for Class 7th provides the clear, well written theory material and carried by wealth of exercises.

1. Covers the whole syllabus 3 sections, History, Civics and Geography
2. Clear and concise theory for better understanding of topics.
3. Every topic is supported by great number of questions.
4. Chapter Test and Chapter Practice are provided for quick revision.
5. 5 Sample Papers to understand new pattern & revision of whole syllabus

Adequate preparation done through this book, students will gain a thorough understanding mastery of the subject. This book will boost students’ confidence in the examinations.


HISTORY: Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years, New King and Kingdoms, The Delhi Sultans, The Creation of Empire and the Mughal Dynasty, Rural ad Builders , Towns Traders and Craftsmen, Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities, Divisional Paths To The Divine The Making of Regional Cultures, Eighteenth-Century Political Formation, GEOGRAPHY: Environment, Inside Our Earth, Our Changing Earth, Air, water, natural vegetation and Wildlife, Human Environment–Settlement, Transport and Communication, Human Environment Interactions: The Tropical and The Sub Tropical Region, Life of Temperate Grassland, Life in the Desert, CIVICS: On Equality, Role Of The Government, How The Stare Government Works, Group Up As Boys and Girls, Women Change The World, Understanding Media,Understanding Advertising, Market Around Us, A Shirt In The Market, Struggles for Equality, 5 Sample Question Papers."

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Publisher: Arihant Publications
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 328
ISBN: 9789324195487
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