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Connect The Dots

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What ties the 20 true-life protagonists of the book together is that they are all entrepreneurs - but without the much coveted MBA degree. Written in conversational form, the book is divided into three sections - Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan. The author speaks to people from different parts of the country who have carved a niche for themselves in different areas of business.Jugaad covers the stories of those who used grit and determination even as they observed and experimented to create a business on the road less travelled. The nine stories covered in this section give us a glimpse of the steely resolve of people who tried to do things differently from what others in their chosen industry normally do.The second section Junoon details the growth of seven entrepreneurs who were driven by a dream or a passion. They followed their interests, did not give up on their dreams and succeeded in creating ventures that were not only unique but which successfully tapped a market that nobody even knew existed.Zubaan gives us an insight into the mindset that allowed four extremely creative people who successfully channeled their immense talents to create a business platform for themselves. By tapping their talent successfully, these creative people become entrepreneurs in their own right.The book is inspirational as the readers are sure to get totally involved in the unique spirit that drove these people to the heights of success. The title of the book is inspired by Apple founder, Steve Jobs' commencement speech given at Stanford University in 2005. In his speech, Jobs said, 'You can't connect the dots by looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust in something...your gut, destiny, life, karma...'Connect the Dots tells us the story of people who trusted in themselves and grew to be truly inspirational success stories.About the AuthorRashmi Bansal is an Economics graduate from Mumbai's Sophia College. She also did her MBA from IIM Ahmadabad.