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Dagars & Dhrupad: Divine Legacy

(Hardcover Edition)
by Humra Quraishi
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Binding: Hardcover

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 156

Publisher: Niyogi Books

Author: Humra Quraishi

Details: Dhrupad is one of the earliest and most dominant streams that has contributed to Hindustani classical music. According to faiyazuddin dagar (1934-1989), " in the two parts of the Drupal, the Alap [the improvised section of a Raga, forming a prologue to the formal expression] is sung in free rhythm over drone, and the pada [word or phrase that signifies the concept of a Raga] is more a rhythmic poem accompanied by drumming over the two-headed Pakhawaj [the standard percussion instrument used in dhrupad]. it is a devotional and spiritual type of music - and though the basic style has not changed right from the earlier times 15 centuries ago individuality does come in and find its place." The book traces the history of the illustrious dagar family through 20 generations of dhrupad singers and highlights their distinctive approach to this unique form of music. Rare photographs make the book all the more special. Contents: what is dhrupad?; generations of performers; conversing with the dagar brothers; death of a legend; passage of time; carrying on the legacy; wasifuddin dagar writes...; the dagar disciples.

Format: Illustrated

EAN: 9789383098750

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Publisher: Niyogi Books
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover

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