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  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
  • Book Lexicon 9788195025350
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    Gitanjali (A Collection of Noble Prize Winning Poems)

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    Translated by Tagore himself, the book is a collection of translated poems from the original Bengali version of Gitanjali. 

    An integration of two words, 'Git' and 'Anjali,' meaning song and offering respectively, the literal meaning of the word is 'offering of songs.' Gitanjali was inspired by medieval Indian lyrics of devotion in which the principal subjects is love, though some poems detail the internal conflict between spiritual longings and earthly desires. 

    Each poem gives readers an essence of the various elements of Mother Nature and makes one feel connected to nature while reading them. It highlights the poet's intense response to the magnificence of the universe or rather an affirmation of life with all its abundance, mystery and diversity. 

    Tagore received the Nobel Prize for Literature, largely for the English translation, Song Offerings. It is part of the UNESCO Collection of Representative Works.

    More Information:

    Publisher: Lexicon
    Language: English
    Binding: Paperback
    Pages: 88
    ISBN: 9788195025350

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