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Here and Beyond: Eternal Happiness Through Self Evolution

( Edition) (Paperback Edition)
by Rashmi Joshi
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How do you deal with life's challenges?
What is the secret of living a simple and happy life?
How do you strike a balance in all your relationships - whether in love, in work or in life?
When and how can universal energies work for you?
How can you learn to analyse every situation correctly?
And ultimately, how can you attain soul realisation?

The book, Here and Beyond, articulates the answers to all your existential queries, helping you to learn and evolve as a spiritual being with each step. With easy and identifiable anecdotes from life - ranging from dealing with a neighbour who calls you names to witnessing a child dying of a life threatening disease - the book offers a comprehensive understanding of life's basic principles. The book, Here and Beyond, strives to help you secure a blissful life, free of disease and disquiet.

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More Information:
Publisher: Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Language: English
Binding: Binding: Paperback
Pages: Pages: 204
ISBN: 9789387457683

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