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In the Glow of your Being

(flexiback Edition)
by C.B. Karki (Translator) by Govind Mishra
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The modern Indian woman – equal to her male counterpart in every aspect of life, be it education, career, intellect, ambition, and the rest – has no equality when it comes to individual freedom or choices, shackled as she is by the fetters variously named ‘tradition’, ‘Indian culture’, or ‘value systems’. and when she rebels, or asserts her right to her individuality, or dares to cross the ring of Fire that society has laid around her, she has to pay the price. Conditioned by a male-dominated society, she begins to doubt the free thinking or choices she has made and puts herself in the dock, becoming a self-appointed judge and executioner. In the glow of your being examines these issues and more and probes deep into the question of a woman’s freedom and its denial by society. It delves into an intelligent, working woman’s dilemma: how, though working alongside her male colleagues, she is expected to be unaffected by any emotional baggage that such close association triggers off, more so if the woman has both beauty and brains. It brings to light the hypocrisy of the male-dominated patriarchal society, which frowns at even a simple semi-platonic, non-physical relationship she might develop to fill some void in her life.

More Information:

Publisher: Niyogi Books Pvt. Ltd. (Under the Imprint: Thornbird)
Language: English
Binding: flexiback
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9789389136333

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