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Infin - Eight: Eight Principles for Infinite Professional Success

(Paperback Edition)
by Prajeet Budhale
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About the Book

What is worse than not having the ability to bring success in one’s own life?
It is having the ability and not being able to use it to bring success in one’s own life!
Infin - Eight is designed as an intensive practical “work with self” guide to professional success. It brings alive the power of your strengths and synchronizes them to your professional aspirations. It offers a step-by-step approach of aligning the enablers such as relationships, partnerships, habits and emotional equilibrium to achieve infinite success in the finite space of your life.
The book does not stop at giving you ideas or motivating you. It helps you to craft an implementable action plan for your professional success. Infin - Eight takes you on a journey from reading to ideas, from ideas to actions and from actions to seeing real time results in your work life.
What are you waiting for? Let the power of Infin-Eight open the doors of infinite success in your professional life.

About the Author

Prajeet Budhale is a certified coach from the International Coaching Federation (ACC ICF) with twenty-two years’ experience in leadership, sales, sales management, customer service, operations and consulting. He has a post-graduate certification from XLRI and a Masters in Psychology.
Prajeet has worked with over 150 national and international organizations and 40, 000 professionals from more than 20 countries, using his consulting, coaching and training experience to help them enhance profits and productivity. He runs a successful enterprise that specializes in bringing ROI (Return on Investments) through Consulting and Training.
Infin - Eight is the result of his research and work to define denominators which bring professional success. It encompasses his learning and insights from working with innumerable professionals with varied backgrounds from different business sectors.

More Information:

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9789387779587

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