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Kali’s Retribution (The Kalki Chronicles #2)

(Paperback Edition)
by Abhinav
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A god with a powerful weapon. An immortal sorcerer. An inevitable showdown.

Successful in deciphering Krishna's puzzles and retrieving the Kaustubha locket, Anirudh finally accepts his destiny as Kalki--the tenth avatar of Vishnu. However, with the ever-perilous world moving too fast for him to keep up with, he is taken under the wing of an esoteric society created for his protection.

As ancient allies watch over him from the Himalayas, Anirudh moves to find the greatest weapon in the universe hidden in the fabled submerged palace of Dwarka. However, the Demon of Time, Kalarakshasa, yearns to possess it as well. In an ultimate showdown, the cloaked sorcerer faces the last avatar of Vishnu on the battlefield.

Will it be long before Kali, the Lord of Evil, takes up the reins of the mortal world? And will the darkness brought upon by the Kali yuga soon eclipse the earth?

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More Information:
Publisher: Penguin India
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 280
ISBN: 9780143442356

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