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Make Your Own Luck: How to Increase Your Odds of Success in Sales, Startups, Corporate Career and Life

(Paperback Edition)
by Bob Miglani by  Rehan Yar Khan
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‘Everyone works hard but not everyone gets lucky in life. This book shows us how to help tilt the odds of luck and success in our favour by doing the uncommon things’ −Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Co-Founder, & Info Edge

‘A must-read for anyone wanting to be a better version of themselves and make things happen instead of cruising along in life. Good investment of time to learn from the experiences of the authors. What is called luck is often the result of consciously doing certain things’ −K. Ganesh, Co-Founder, BigBasket, FreshMenu, HomeLane, TutorVista

‘I can relate to the lessons in this book—having lived them and seen them performed by successful founders I have backed’ −Anupam Mittal, Founder,

‘Successful salespeople always make their own luck. This excellent book shows you how to do that through unconventional ideas, strategies, stories, and specific instructions. If you want to grow your sales, get this book today!’ −John Henley, CEO, The Center for Sales Strategy

‘Part inspirational and part instructive but fun and emotional at the same time—Rehan and Bob show you that luck comes to those who embrace it. Enjoyed reading how they got started like everyone but achieve what so many only dream of. A must-read for every soul who ever harboured an ambition’ −Nistha Tripathi, Bestselling author of No Shortcuts

‘During the early days of angel investments, I would have the fastest finger to invest in a startup where Rehan was the lead investor. Happy to see Rehan unravelling some of the mystery behind his persona through this book Make Your Own Luck. The book shares many easy-to-learn insights to improve the odds of success. And also, great timing for the release of the book, as the Indian economy is getting enveloped by the startup ecosystem; and my sense is every startup entrepreneur will benefit from reading this book’ −Harish Mehta, Co-Founder, NASSCOM

About the Book

What does it take to have a successful sales career? What does it take to create a billion dollar start-up? What does it take to move up and get promoted in your corporate career? What does it take to succeed in life? It tales luck. Yes, some people are born into it. Some people fall into it. This book, for the first time, shares insights by two people──one, a start-up founder and investor in India; and the other, a successful executive of a fortune 500 Company in the us──on how to increase the odds of success. You don't have to be born into luck. You now have a chance to make your own. Whether it is landing the ideal job, surpassing your sales goals, or generating that billion-dollar start-up idea, or finding ways to grow your business, you need an edge, an advantage accelerators” that help you and your business stand out, boosting you to new heights. Learn why it is not good enough to be better—instead, you need to be different. Understand why you don’t need a plan B, but instead need multiple plan as; what it means to have a beginner mind; and many other insights that you need to practise to increase your odds of success. Also, read the stories behind what it took to write the first investment Cheques into today’s unicorns and druva— when they were unknown and struggling for revenue. Stop waiting for luck to come into your life. Start making your own luck.

More Information:

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9789389178456

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