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Sceenry Issue 1

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High-quality coffee table style magazines that are city guides for around the world. Each volume focuses on a different city and is compiled by local photographers and writers showcasing their favorite places hidden within the city.

What is Sceenry magazine?

We are not just a magazine, but we are a group of people who believe in the art of exploring your way through life. Our aim is to invite you into the heart of these cities, even if it is for just a minute when you read someone's story. We are passionate dreamers, adventurers and travellers. We can't get enough of that feeling you get when you see something for the first time, or when you find yourself somewhere you have never been before. We are locals who are in love with the cities, towns and suburbs that we live in and we want people to see it and experience it the same way we do. We are storytellers who want to share the story of the people that are the heart and soul behind the cities that we love.

Who are the readers of Sceenry?

We have people from all over the world subscribed to Sceen'ry. Young and old, travellers or home-bodies, artists or non-artists.

What is so exclusive about Sceenry?

Our vision is to give new and experienced travellers alike the necessary information to discover certain areas of the world that they would never know about if someone locally never exposed it. We also want to give those who have a passion for photography, travel journalism, and just plain old adventure, a platform to share their discoveries and secrets with those of us who wish to explore these places and cities. And also to give small local business's a voice that they would never receive because they don't have the funds or access to be able to do so otherwise.

Who are the makers of Sceenry?

There is a team of 5 of us currently working on each volume. We all have different roles, but we wouldn't have each magazine without everyone working together.

Why do you work in magazines?

In the beginning of 2014 Sophie, our founder, who was a travel agent and full time explorer, was trying to find a way to connect social media and print media in the travel industry. We live in an age where people are travelling the world more often than not, not only to visit places, but to immerse themselves in the culture and lifestyle. We are relying on other people and their reviews of places within the world to get the most out of our travel experience. She realised that there was a large gap in the print industry, so she created Sceen'ry to fill this void.

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