Sense & Sensibility

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About the Book: Sense and Sensibility A wonderfully entertaining tale revolving around two starkly different sisters . . . When their father dies, leaving his entire estate to his firstwifes son, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, along with their youngestsister, and their mother, the second Mrs Dashwood, are leftpenniless and homeless. A kind and generous relative, however,offers them a small cottage to live in. As they all try to settle into their new lives, the wild andimpulsive Marianne goes through a whirlwind romance with thegallant and impetuous John Willoughby, and the quiet, reservedElinor develops an affection for Edward Ferrars, the brother-in-lawof her half-brother, John Dashwood. But love is never easy . . . Caught in the trials andtribulations of love, the two sisters-one flamboyant and the otherreticent-learn about love, happiness, and life as they try tograpple with their new circumstances. This is a moving story aboutthe emotions and feelings of two young girls trying to find theirway through life. About the Author: Jane Austen Though the domain of Jane Austens novels was as circumscribed asher life, her caustic wit and keen observation made her the equalof the greatest novelists in any language. Born the seventh childof the rector of Steventon, Hampshire, on December 16, 1775, shewas educated mainly at home. At an early age she began writingsketches and satires of popular novels for her familysentertainment. As a clergymans daughter from a well-connectedfamily, she had an ample opportunity to study the habits of themiddle class, the gentry, and the aristocracy. At twenty-one, shebegan a novel called "The First Impressions" an early version ofPride and Prejudice. In 1801, on her fathers retirement, the familymoved to the fashionable resort of Bath. Two years later she soldthe first version of Northanger Abby to a London publisher, but thefirst of her novels to appear was Sense and Sensibility, publishedat her own expense in 1811. It was followed by Pr
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Publisher: Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Language: English
Binding: Binding: Paperback
Pages: 243
ISBN: 9788172344511