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The 45 Second Presentation

( Edition) (Paperback Edition)
by Don Failla
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Years ago Don Failla found himself spending hours explaining to new prospects the success principles behind network marketing and teaching them how they could become successful simply by teaching others the same. To teach these principles he used what he called “Napkin Presentations” that significantly decreased the amount of time it took to teach these basic principles, but it was still a long process. Perhaps even more importantly, is that it was not very duplicable; not all of his prospects could talk through these presentations as easily as him and Nancy. Looking for a better way to build, in 1981 Don penned to paper his now famous ten “Napkin Presentations” in the networking best-seller now known as The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life.

This 30th Anniversary Edition of Don’s best-seller clearly explains timeless networking success principles like: the power of duplication, where you should be spending your time, inviting, handling objections, the “Four Things You Have to Do,” and much more, in easy to understand “Napkin Presentations.” In addition Don has added two new chapters to this book: “Vision for Lifestyle and Leadership,” and “Let the Tools Do the Talking.” These two new chapters position you and your prospects for success by not only teaching you to have the vision but also to take advantage of tools to leverage your time and produce results.

Don is famous for such household word phrases as “Own Your Life” , “Ask Me How,” “Sizzle Sessions” and of course The 45 Second Presentation which is the core behind his system and can be found on the first page of this book.

BONUS: As an added bonus in this Anniversary Edition you will get the exclusive CD How to Build Your Business Using the 45 Second Presentation by Don & Nancy Failla. Don & Nancy have an organization of 800,000 and growing. Nearly 98% of them can be traced back to 4 original prospects. This CD explains how they built this MASSIVE organization and how you can too. This CD is exclusively available in the Anniversary Edition and is a must have for anyone looking to build a large, successful organization.

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Publisher: Publisher: Manjul Publishing House
Language: English
Binding: Binding: Paperback
Pages: Pages: 144
ISBN: 9788183222983

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