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The Chronicler: A Race Against Time!

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Author: Jvalant Nalin Sampat

Goodreads Rating: NA

Publisher: Niyogi


His designation is ‘the Chronicler’. He stores memories. Set in the immediate future, as Pakistan’s economy collapses, China invades Pakistan and is knocking on the doors of India. China is determined to change the power equation in the world. Inadvertently, the Chronicler harbours memories that could change the map of the world and the course of history. Caught in the vortex of a high-stakes game between governments, spy agencies, and powerful organizations across international borders, can the Chronicler save himself and the information as he races against time?

About The Author (s): 

Jvalant Nalin Sampat is a critically acclaimed author, who at various points of his life has lived in New York, California, and Copenhagen. But he considers Bombay his home, where he resides with his wife, Phoram, and daughter, Navya. Besides writing fiction, Jvalant writes scripts for movies and TV shows. He also serves as a director in his family firm, ICL LLP. Whilst not otherwise occupied, chances are you will find him at his local club, on the tennis court.