The Desire of Roots

by Robin S Ngangom
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I wanted to catch words in my embroidered bag,/ rainy words spattered, thrown about/ by the March wind, I wanted to collect/ pebbly words from riverbeds, smooth,/ geometrical consonants of primary colours./ I wanted to unearth roots and herbs/ and compound a word-salve, I wanted/ to forge words on an anvil./ I’ve always wanted to be a wordsmith.

The poems unobtrusively matter their way into one’s experience. Its clean images and straightforward statements reveal a spirit gently, yet firmly, in place — a place where landscape and soulscape are one. Robin S Ngangom has captured a depth of meaning that cries out to be heard and sung everywhere. JAYANTA MAHAPATRA

Robin S Ngangom exhibits in [his] ... poems a genuine talent for modern celebrations of love-longing and social and personal lament. JOHN OLIVER PERRY

Ngangom is one of the few poets who can write well on both politics and love and not be afraid of showing their links. ADIL JUSSAWALLA

The strength of Ngangom’s work lies in the fact that it is anchored in a deeply internalised politics. Images of cherry trees and women’s ‘riverine hair’ run seamlessly into the fabric of his poetry of political and social critique. ARUNDHATHI SUBRAMANIAM

More Information:

Publisher: Red River
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 104
ISBN: 9788194272618