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The fourth protocol (Vintage 1988 Edition)

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Binding: Paperback

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About: Author:¬†Frederick Forsyth Goodreads Rating: 4.02 Publisher: Corgi¬†Books About: ÔĽŅIt is a time of political unrest in Great¬†¬†Britain. And behind the Iron Curtain an insidious plot¬†¬†is being hatched, a plan so incendiary that even¬†¬†the KGB is ignorant of its¬†¬†existence--Aurora, the sinister brainchild of two of the¬†¬†world's most dangerous men: the general secretary¬†¬†of the Soviet Union and master spy Kim¬†¬†Philby.The wheels are in motion, the pawns¬†¬†are in place, and the countdown has begun toward¬†¬†an "accident" that could change the fact¬†¬†of British politics forever and trigger and¬†¬†collapse of the Western alliance.Only¬†¬†British agent John Preston stand any chance of¬†¬†breaching the conspiracy. Through plot and¬†¬†counterplot, from bloody back streets to polished halls of¬†¬†power both East and West, his desperate¬†¬†investigation is relentlessly blocked by deceit, treachery,¬†¬†and the most deadly enemy of¬†¬†all...time.

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