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The Vengeance: A Novel Set in Buddha’s Times

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Author: Subhashis Das

Goodreads Rating: NA

Publisher: Niyogi


The Vengeance is the unhappy tale of Prince Vidudabha, the son of Maharaja Pasenadi of Kosala and Maharani Vasabhakhatiya of Kapilavatthu. Things take a turn for the worse when a heavily guarded secret comes out in the open and flips the lives of the Yuvraj and the Maharani upside down. The atrocities committed by Pasenadi and the prince’s maternal grandfather Mahanama changes Vidudabha into a revengeful and bitter person, who indulges in a vengeful bloodbath never perhaps witnessed before in history.Alongside the woeful tale of Vidudabha runs the storyline of the Sakyamuni Buddha preaching his dhamma. The Buddha appears in every episode of the story, sharing his words of wisdom and showing the path of light through his sermons. The irony apparent in this gripping story is that at a time when the Buddha wanders spreading love and peace, he fails to make an impression on the spiteful mind of Vidudabha.

Subhashis Das has woven a remarkable story of love and hate, compassion and conspiracy in India’s ancient era that combines history, religion, and fiction in a fascinating read.

About the Author(s):

Born in Dibrugarh, Assam in 1956, Subhashis Das is an eminent researcher, educationist, and author of the ancient history of the tribals and their various megaliths. He is also credited with discovering numerous ancient megalithic sites across India, many of which are his study sites. He has authored four books, including Unknown Civilization of Prehistoric India (2014) and The Archaeoastronomy of a Few Megalithic Sites of Jharkhand (2018), besides writing several papers for many significant journals. 

Jharkhand Educational Council has incorporated his discovery and research on megaliths in the history books of the state. National Geographic and Doordarshan have made several documentaries on his discoveries. He often lectures on his researches and discoveries on megaliths and tribalism across the country and abroad.