Things Indian

by W. Crooke
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Age Guidance:

Binding: Hardcover

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 560

Publisher: Niyogi Books

Author: W. Crooke

Details: India forms a continent rather than a country. Hence when a writer attempts to deal with the subjects which concern the Empire as a whole, the difficulty of the task becomes apparent. Things Indian is intended to form one of the series which already includes Things Chinese by Dr J.D. Ball and Things Japanese by Professor B.H. Chamberlain. The selection of subjects for treatment and the forms of the present book naturally differ from those of its predecessors. India is much better known to the English reader than wither Japan and China. By searching the by-ways of Anglo-Indian literature, the author discusses some of the quaint and curious matters connected with the country which are not specially considered in the ordinary books of reference.

EAN: 9789381523469

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