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Unposted Letter

(Paperback Edition)
by Mahatria Ra
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Unposted Letters is a collection of short articles published in different issues of the magazine, Frozen Thoughts, compiled by the editor. Each letter contains deep and profound reflections on many topics related to life, work, situations, and attitudes. Each page contains ideas and concepts that can change the readers' view on many things and make their life richer and more enjoyable.The book contains simple lessons and principles and practical ideas that, if implemented, can make life more fulfilling and adverse situations easier to face. Whatever the reader is looking for - a resolution to a conflict, a personal or professional dilemma, practical advice, dealing with the loss of material possessions - they will find something that is useful and practical.Incorporating philosophy, concepts, ideas, and thoughts from various sources like the Bible and Bhagavad Gita and from great leaders and thinkers of the past and present, the book contains inspirational life lessons.These writings were published in the magazine Frozen Thoughts. Frozen Thoughts is a self-development journal that focuses on self-awakening, spirituality, and relationships. The magazine also covers a wide variety of personality development related subjects like parenting, psychology, management, religion and science, and stress management.About T. T. RangarajanT. T. Rangarajan (Rajan) is a New Age guru and spiritual expert. He is also involved in writing self-help books and is a personality development expert.Rajan is the Editor of Frozen Thoughts. The magazine contains his teachings and messages, and is now read in several countries across the world. He helps people in their quest for self-realization, and preaches that every individual leaves his own imprint on the world, through his life experiences. Rangarajan founded Alma Mater, an organization that teaches holistic personality development techniques. It is not affiliated to any religion or any political organization.

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Publisher: Manjul Publishing House
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 220
ISBN: 9788183225700

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