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Vishvaguru Vivekananda (Hindi)

(Paperback Edition)
by M. I. Rajasve
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About the Book

Vishvaguru Vivekananda was born in the era when the world was in the clutches of imperialism and India was being exploited by the British. Caste system, child marriage, Sati practice, superstitions, and fake beliefs were prevalent in the society. Vivekananda emerged as a key figure and his preachings not only enlightened India and Europe but the whole world. This book explores his magnificent personality and ideal lifestyle, which in itself was an inspiration, and brings together his speeches, letters, and poems.

About the Author

Born on 2 June 1967 in Lank village, Shamli district, Uttar Pradesh, M. I. Rajasve started writing during his school life. His first story 'Pratishodh Ki Jwala', which was later titled 'Aag Ka Dariya', was published in several magazines. M. I. Rajasve has done his Masters in History. He has great interest in India's past and it's cultural and historical heritage. Around 70 of his 100 books are based on historical background, characters, and events. An earnest journalist, his writings involve philosophical analysis, deep thinking, and rational assessment. Rajasve has worked as an editor for the magazines Grihshobha, Shubh India, and Haryana Heritage and has also edited several prestigious publications of the country. He has been awarded the Pandey Bechan Sharma Ugra Award by the Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan for the year 2017.

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More Information:
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9789389053166

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