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Windmills of the Gods/ The Sands of Time/The Doomsday Conspiracy

(Hardcover Edition)
by Sidney Sheldon
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Windmills Of Te Gods: Mary Ashley, a bright young professor, is appointed US ambassador to an Iron Curtain country. But even before she takes up her post, unseen and powerful enemies plot her destruction. Two men are  by Mary's side: Mike Slade, Her tough deputy chief of mission, and the courteous French doctor, Louis Deforge. But Soon she comes to believe that one of them is out to kill her...

The Sands Of Time: Four nuns find themselves suddenly thrust into a hostile world they long ago abandoned for the safety of the convent. Unwittingly they become pawns in a battle between the charismatic Jaime Miro, leader of the outlawed Basque nationalists, and the ruthless colonel Ramon Acoca of the Spanish Army.

The Doomsday Conspiracy: Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is despatched on a top secret mission. A weather balloon carrying sensitive military information has crashed in Switzerland and Bellamy must locate the ten witnesses so that they can be sworn to secrecy. But he, too, is being hunted, and by an unknown lethal force...


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More Information:
Publisher: Parragon
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 799
ISBN: 9781858132532